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Multi-core processor for 3D image processing utilizing AI technology such as depth sensor, computer vision, and image processor
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Use modeling languages and generators designed to meet customer needs to improve the productivity and competitiveness of various systems
DSM (Domain Specific Modeling) development environment
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Use case proposal for 360 degree shooting devicePLANSYSTEM

Proposal of use cases that can be realized using a 360-degree camera and verification of its feasibility

Development of depth sensor devicePLANSYSTEM

Developed a new sensor device that generates depth information from parallax information. Human bone detection is also possible

Maas Planning Preliminary SurveyPLANSYSTEM

Implementing the current status of mobility services in China by making full use of the China Business Preparation Office and the latest KOL marketing


A wide range of research from cutting-edge processes to IP utilization, centered on SoC vendors overseas, mainly in Greater China.

Software implementation and verification experiments to improve Deeplerning performancePLANSYSTEM

Implemented a recognition program for verification, collected learning data including real images / CAD images, and evaluated performance

Improvement of the real vehicle environment of automatic drivingPLANSYSTEM

We organize and solve environmental issues in evaluating the actual operation of automated driving.

Functional safety of automatic driving system (ISO26262) adaptationPLANSYSTEM

Adaptation and operation of functional safety based on the existing development process (safety design and document creation of Part 3, 4, 5, 6)

Examination of application of liquid cooling technology in autonomous driving ECUPLANSYSTEM

Proposed a method for in-vehicle adaptation of high heat generation ECU using liquid cooling technology

Feasibility study of Chiplets architecturePLANSYSTEM

Investigate the effectiveness analysis and feasibility of SoC split architecture development for autonomous driving Lv4,5 systems

Time series data abstraction and AI behavior prediction researchPLANSYSTEM

Research on algorithms that predict target behavior with AI using time-series data

Next-generation in-vehicle network simulationPLANSYSTEM

Examination and construction of simulators including communication standards that may be used in the future

Use case study of depth sensor devicePLANSYSTEM

Consider new use cases using depth data such as spatial reproduction and future prediction

Agent construction using AIPLANSYSTEM

Developed a concept mock of an agent that assists the driver

Development of applications that visualize human movementsPLANSYSTEM

An application that uses a depth sensor device. Display effects according to the movement of the person.

Video automatic editing application developmentPLANSYSTEM

Automatically generate a short movie from multiple specified video materials. Implement unprecedented features and the latest libraries

Development of applications for V-tubers using depth sensorsPLANSYSTEM

A solution that allows 3D avatars to operate according to the movement of a person (V tuber), greatly reducing complicated usage environments and costs.

Development of automatic avatar 3D model generation systemPLANSYSTEM

A system that can easily and automatically generate a 3D model of a person’s avatar using a camera and depth sensor. Assumed to be used for V tubers, etc.