The second delivery decision on bilibili! “Capture Tokyo” January 20th (Wednesday) 20: 00-

2021年1月19日 | RanDido NEWS

Our affiliated company, emmmr, has decided to deliver the second “Tokyo capture” live on the major Chinese platform bilibili.
Continuing from the last time, the popular KOL “Bing” will be live-streamed to introduce the further charm of Tokyo under the theme of “old folk house x Asakusa x latest technology”.

The stage this time is Asakusa. Set in an old folk house quietly standing in Asakusa, a town that retains the atmosphere of old Tokyo, Vtuber and popular KOL who are active all over the world convey the charm of Japan! !!
Introducing attractive gourmet foods and items found in downtown, and challenging games related to Asakusa to liven up the live stream!

● Daytime event moderator / Anime sacred place pilgrimage master / Japan resident KOL
“Soft ice (bing)”
Originally from Dalian, China, the university majored in Japanese under the influence of Japanese animation from an early age. He studied abroad at Waseda University as an exchange student when he was in the third year of college.
While he was studying abroad, he started making videos, traveled all over Japan, covered pilgrimages to sacred places, anime events, school festivals, etc., and gained popularity on the Internet in China.
After graduating, he got a job at an affiliated company in the Japanese animation industry. Overseas copyright sales of more than 20 copies of anime works, and Japan-China joint production animation
Was in charge of the production progress of. Independent from 2018, he started a video production company with his friends and operates a channel to introduce Japan to young people in China.
He is also an individual host of anime events and live broadcasts of anime song singers, and is active in both Japan and China.

● Delivery date / time / appearance
January 20, 2021 (Wednesday) 20:00 (broadcast time scheduled for 2 hours)

● Site address
“Soft and soft ice (Bing) live distribution viewing room”

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