MetaCase is a modeling language designed to meet customer needs
A DSM (Domain Specific Modeling) development environment that uses a generator
It is a leading Finnish company that provides.
For thousands of developers around the world with a more productive and higher quality system
We offer a software development approach.

With MetaEdit + you can generate full code directly from your model
For all systems such as consumer products, communication equipment, industrial systems, in-vehicle equipment, defense systems, etc.
You can radically improve the productivity and quality of your development.

First, design a modeling language with MetaEdit + Workbench
Other developers use MetaEdit + Modeler to create models.

MetaEdit + Workbench is a tool for defining the concepts, rules, notations, and generation methods of modeling languages.

Language definitions are saved as metamodels in the MetaEdit + repository.

MetaEdit + Modeler is a diagram editor, browser and generator according to the definition of the specified modeling language.
Automatically generate full modeling tool features such as multi-user support.

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