Inuitive is a 3D depth sensor and computer vision
Design and develop SoCs that utilize AI technology such as image processors
Israeli fabless semiconductor manufacturer

Functions as a vision processor in the fields of AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), drones, robots, and in-vehicle fields
We have designed a powerful multi-core processor IC and prepared several applications that make full use of that technology.
Inuitive’s technology development team includes imaging and computer vision algorithms
We specialize in the fields of optics, embedded system software, and system-on-chip design.
With the contributions and combined efforts of the technology development team, Inuitive offers the best trade-off between performance and flexibility.
Developed a unique processor architecture, powerful chips offload the main CPU
It can significantly reduce system latency and response time, save power and improve overall performance.



High quality 3D depth, SLAM accelerator, powerful computer vision (CV)
Multi-core processor that supports deep learning (CNN) processing

The NU4000 is for augmented reality and virtual reality, drones, robots and many other applications.
An excellent multi-core vision processor that supports 3D imaging deep learning and computer vision processing.
This new generation processor delivers high quality depth sensing, SLAM on-chip, computer vision, and deep learning (CNN) capabilities.
Everything delivers a smarter user experience with an affordable form factor and minimal power consumption.
The NU4000 delivers unmatched imaging, vision and AI computing power over a total of eight Terra OPS (Operations per second).
Bring to the market.
By introducing an optimized embedded vision architecture and effectively combining a set of computing blocks
It delivers the most powerful vision processor ever.


Multi-core processor that supports 3D image processing (3D depth) and computer vision (CV) processing

The NU3000 is a multi-core processor optimized for depth sensing, 3D image processing and computer vision in consumer devices.
You can manage three cameras by directly operating two visible sensors (RGB, monochromatic fisheye, etc.) for depth acquisition by parallax.
It is also possible to connect more cameras via a bridge. NU3000 architecture with dedicated hardware accelerator and vector DSP
Combined to enable power efficient execution of depth sensing, as well as higher levels of algorithms and applications.
The NU3000 can manage, sync, and time stamp various sensors. It is also possible to run real-time SLAM.
The NU3000 acts as a core depth generation engine with a smart sensor hub, mapping and
It serves as the primary processor for localization algorithms.

Reference design

We have several reference designs for your use case.

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